Amma’s Stories Media is  a Canadian start-up venture created by two mothers to develop educational and entertaining multilingual story apps for kids. “Amma” means mother in many South Asian languages including the major languages spoken in Sri Lanka,  Sinhala and Tamil.

Co-owners Marisha and Kavitha are Sri Lankan Canadian working mothers with more than 30 years of combined IT experience in leadership, project management, software design and development. They are also friends, former coworkers and former neighbors. They are passionate about teaching the Sri Lankan culture and their mother tongues ( Tamil for Kavitha and Sinhala for Marisha) to the younger generation.

We are planning to release first app in June. The first release of the app will support four languages: English, French, Sinhala and Tamil. Read more about our apps under “Our Apps”.

Follow us on Twitter at AmmasStories

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